Changes to Building Regulations

Lifts for New Dwellings

Requirement M4 of the Building Regulations changed on 1st October 2015 and the new Requirement M4 is now in force.

Under M4 2015, there will be 3 categories of dwelling, each with a different level of accessibility.


Category 3 is further split into adaptable and accessible dwellings:

M4 Category 3 (2) (a) dwelling (adaptable) should have a space for a lift 1650mm x 1100mm to link circulation areas at every floor.  A power socket suitable for powering the lift, should be fitted close to the lift-way.

In an adaptable dwelling, the lift-way can be used for another purpose, providing it can be demonstrated that:

  1. Any walls, floors and doors installed, could be easily removed without structural alteration.

  2. Where walls forming the lift-way enclosure are not initially installed, they can be easily erected without the need for structural works.

  3. The lift space is not used to meet minimum space requirements for storage, nor minimum living. Dining and kitchen areas.

  4. Drawings demonstrate how the dwelling will meet the requirements for an accessible dwelling in the future


A new M4 Category 3 (2) (b) dwelling (accessible) should have a lift installed in the lift space, which should be either a home lift to BS5900 or lifting platform to BS EN 81-41.

The lift should have power operated doors, should run between circulation areas on each floor and should be entered at the same of it's narrower ends on each floor.  The end opposite the entry point should be located against a wall at every floor.

At every floor there should be a minimum 1500mm turning circle, clear of the lift door (when open at 90 degrees)

2 examples are shown below, provided courtesy of Pollock Lifts

Example 1 shows a lift of size 750 x 1100mm within the lift space

Example 2 shows a lift of size 850 x 1250mm within the lift space

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