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Cat 2 and Cat 3 will be be launched soon.

Compare your dwelling to the guidance in Approved Document M 2015 (with 2016 amendments)

Requirement M4 changed in October 2015


3 categories of accessibility of new dwelling introduced.


Are there any conditions of your Planning Consent relating to Part M of the Building Regulations, as example below?

Example Planning condition

The guidance for Requirment M4 is contained in Approved Document M Volume 1 - Dwellings and available to download at no cost from      www.gov.uk/government/collections/approved-documents


Under M4 2015, there are 3 categories of dwelling, each with a different level of accessibility.

M4(1) - Category 1 - a visitable dwelling, is the default standard, if there are no Planning conditions relating to accessibility of the dwelling

M4(2) - Category 2 - an accessible or adaptable dwelling.  Cat 2 replaces the Lifetime Homes Standard

M4(3) - Category 3 - wheelchair user dwellings.  This is further split into M4(3)(a) and M4(3)(b) - adaptable and accessible dwellings respectively.


As an example a Category 3 (b) dwelling with more than 1 floor should have a lift installed and commissioned on completion.  Lifts for Dwellings


Entrance doors to new Category 2 and Category 3 dwellings should have a clear width of 850mm. Doors to new Dwellings


If you require a plan review of your dwelling for the relevant category, please contact me.


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